Miha Mazzini

Mojca Osojnik


Time Is A Big Chocolate Cake

One evening, Lana jumped into bed and cuddled Berty, her teddy. They were both waiting for their bedtime story. This time it was Dad’s turn to read. He opened the book and was just about to start when Lana asked him: "Why did you spend so little time playing with me today?" Dad scratched behind his ear a bit, then mumbled: "Ehm… Ehm…« and »Well… Well…« and then scratched again. In the end, he said: »Lana, you know the clock hanging on the kitchen wall?« Lana nodded.


Dad went on: »That clock is like a cake. Today, it got eaten before you had any.« He opened his arms wide and took a deep breath, as if he was about to go under water. Lana and the teddy looked at him without taking their eyes off him. Dad asked: »Do you understand what I mean, Lana?« Lana shook her head. She shook it so firmly that Berty shook his head too. »Alright,« said Dad, »I’ll show you tomorrow. You’ll see that time is a big chocolate cake.«
Platnica knjige

Picture book for ages 6-9.

32 pages.

Size: 29 x 22 cm.

Kres, 1999.

ISBN 86 7823 190 4

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