Miha Mazzini: If You Don't Like It Here, Move Out!

Selection from the essays about the Slovenian mentality, customs, culture and way of living, written for www.siol.net between May 2010 and June 2011. The book is mostly valid for all Balkan nations too.

Published by Goga, 2011, ISBN: 978-961-277-016-7.


About Slovene mothers

(and probably mothers from other Mediterranean countries too)
Waiting in queue to buy some bread one Saturday morning, an elderly lady in front of me asked the shop assistant to place the loaf into her shopping trolley as she could not lift her arm because “she had ironed 25 of her son’s T-shits the previous day!” I came across her again at the till. The cashier was stacking everything she had bought into the trolley, the lady still pointing at her numb arm with an extra explanation, “you see, I’m in a hurry, my son is going on a family trip and I need to get their sandwiches ready.” (read more)

About Slovene mentality

Slovenes long ago adapted to life under foreign control. The top positions were occupied by foreigners while the bottom of the pyramid was reserved for us. We lived within the equality of serfdom and we got used to it – the same pay, the same conditions, the same careers and the same life for everyone. The proverbial Slovene egalitarianism (read more)
You can read two translated essays in German translation.
If You Don't Like It Here, Move Out!

Miha Mazzini

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