Miha Mazzini: Zamzak & Noe
Zamzak & Noe
(From the book Musics)

Noah did what God had told him to do: he built an ark, put aboard his family and two specimens - one male and one female - of every animal on Earth, in order to preserve the species. The ark stood on the top of a mountain, ready to sail. Noah leaned out of the window, watching the first raindrops. At that moment a zamzak runs up to the ark and knocks on the wood: "Open the door! Open the door!"

Noah asks him angrily what has taken him so long. The zamzak starts making excuses about not hearing the call for the animals to board the ark, at the same time begging, moaning and crying for Noah to let him in. The rain is falling more and more heavily. Noah starts wriggling, saying that he cannot open the door because it has already been sealed with tar, that the ark was full and there was no room, that the zamzak has come too late and so on. The zamzak pleads and pleads, trying to soften him. Noah says:

"Look! All the animals on the ark are in pairs. You're on your own. Even if I do take you on board, I'll save only your life and not your species. And what is one single life against that of the whole species?"

The zamzak replies:

"You're right. But who are you to pass judgement about how much my life is worth, about how much I am worth among individuals? Neither you nor I can judge that. Be generous and merciful, open the door and save a life."

Noah thinks hard about these words. He does not say anything (the zamzak is already splashing in water), then he raises his eyes towards God, who is leaning against the clouds, watching the deluge, and Noah wishes he was equal to God. That he too were a judge and a destroyer. He looks at the zamzak in the water, shouts FUCK YOU and with an expansive but decisive gesture, as decisive and strange as God's ways are, incomprehensible to mortals, he slams the window shut.


© Miha Mazzini.
From the book Musics.
Translated by Maja Visenjak - Limon.