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Part 70: Ambassador's - Because He Lives

Why I bought it: The man in the sky told them to go out in the fields and be his ambassadors. They dressed nicely, visited hairdresser before leaving. They arrived and the man in the middle looks like he would rather be somewhere else. Why? The taller lady on his right has this "I've been through this before" look on her face, while the smaller lady is wearing this "theee-heee-heee" smug smile. Why?
If they're ambassadors, we must be citizens of the foreign country. What they want to talk about? Do we have to take them to meet our president?
Record was published in 1973 and previous owner hasn't open it. Will my curiosity prevail and I'll break the seal?

What happened afterwards: Nobody knows.

Date checked: August/2015

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Ambassador's - Because He Lives

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