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Part 20: Mišo Kovać - Za tvoju ljubav sve bih dao

Why I bought it: The world's first CD appeared in Yugoslavia in the 1970?
Mišo Kovać was very popular singer in the 60's and 70's. His last name means blacksmith so somebody got a bright idea to picture him in blue overalls and in very socialist working environment as "the blacksmith of golden records" as the capture says. If you look closely at the product he's holding you'll see it's not golden. It looks a lot like a first CD ever invented! Take a look at Kovać's face: the leisure of the smug satisfaction knowing that Sony and Phillips will take another 10 years to make something he has already done.

What happened afterwards: Mišo Kovać is still singing and touring. He lost his son in the Yugoslav war in the 90's. He has shot himself but survived.

Date checked: August/2004

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Mišo Kovać - Za tvoju ljubav sve bih dao

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