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Part 16: The Del Rubio Triplets - Three Gals, Three Guitars

Why I bought it: I have never heard anything like this.
And oh, how the music travels! Look at the sticker at the right top corner of the cover. Somebody brought this record to an English second hand store and it was priced at 8 £. They discounted it afterwards to 7 £, then 6 £, 5 £, 4 £, 3 £, 2 £, 1 £ and when it was 50 pence, somebody bought it and brought it to Germany. He (she?) didn't like it though - it started the new life in the year 2002 in second hand shop in Frankfurt, where I bought it.

What happened afterwards: "The DelRubio Triplets, (whose real name is Boyd), who were billed as "3 Gals, 3 Guitars, 1 Birthday" entertained many for 60 years.  They disbanded when the first sister, Eadie, died in 1996.  Well on March 19th, a second triplet, Elena died at her home  in the San Pedro district after a short battle with cancer." (source)

Date checked: May/2004

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The Del Rubio Triplets  - Three Gals, Three Guitars

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