Every Cover Tells a Story

but some stories are more interesting than others!

Part 4: Ike Turner - Bad Dreams

Why I bought it: Ike Turner's BAD DREAMS? Because I've never dreamed that he would come up with a cover like this!

What happened afterwards: "AT the kitchen table in his little house near San Diego, rock legend and wife-beater Ike Turner pauses between mouthfuls of lima beans and fried cornbread and points a fork at me. "You know, I ain't going to give you excuses about the way I treated Tina. But she gives people the wrong impression of me.
I have my good points. Like, the last time I was in the county jail, I got along with everybody real well. The black gangs liked me, the Mexicans liked me. Hey, even the police liked me. When they get to know me, everybody likes Ike." (source)

Date checked: Nov/2002

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Ike Turner  - Bad Dreams

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