Miha Mazzini
Hi, I'm Miha Mazzini, author, screenwriter, film director and lecturer.

Some fast facts about me:

Freud: mind and brain

Everybody agrees upon the psychological insight, the complexity, the humor and wonders where the author got his mind and brain.

I'm proud to share a secret - I even kept a receipt.

Detroit Free Press about my novel Crumbs: "Probably the most fascinating novel you will read this year."

Publishers Weekly about Guarding Hanna: "Thoroughly unique black comedy ... delightfully perverse and oddly touching story".



Miha Mazzini
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My latest fiction book published in English:
Paloma Negra
Paloma Negra


A man has signed his own death warrant. And now he is tempted back to life with love, music and beauty.

  • American edition, 2014
My latest non-fiction book:
Born for Stories
Born for Stories

Nonfiction book about writers and creativity.

  • Slovenian edition, 2012
  • English Kindle edition, 2014
My latest fiction book:
Funny, novel

A married couple in a mid-life crisis goes on the trip to Africa. A warm-hearted story with empathy, at the same time also true to its title. A story of love and friendship, a gentle satire about the current state of Western civilization

  • Slovenian edition, 2019
My latest YA book:
Star call, Zvezde vabijo
Star call

Novel for young adult readers (12+)

  • Slovenian edition, 2016
  • Serbian edition, 2018

Modra ptica award for the best YA novel.

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