Miha Mazzini: Clear Moments

Short story collection.

Slovenia: Beletrina,2007
ISBN: 978-961-242-110-6
UDK: 821.163.6-31

What if you suddenly see in a clear moment  that all of your life is based on a lie? Would you try to ignore it, fight it, will you stay broken? Fourteen moments, fourteen decisions, fourteen stories.

Miha Mazzini: Trenutki spoznanja


  1. Men's Room Near L.A.
    selected for anthology Noc w Lublanie, Poland.
    Published in Lite-editions.
  2. Endless War
  3. Ex
  4. Silently
    selected for anthology Poletje v zgodbi II, Slovenia.
  5. La Luna
  6. Christmas Dinner
    Made into film Christmas Dinner, TV Slovenia.
  7. The Night when Clark Gable and Carol Lombard Made Love for the Last Time
    published in Untoward Magazine.
  8. I'm Like My Brother
    selected for anthology Angels Beneath the Surface, USA.
  9. The Hundredth in Oklahoma
  10. Climbing a Mountain
  11. Mother
    selected for anthology Europe, Fascinating Stories, Korea.
  12. In the Back Seat, published in Bellevue Literary Review.
  13. Snow Angels
  14. Very Simple Story
    selected for anthologies A Lazy Sunday Afternoon, Slovenia and Dva, Díolaim de Nua-Litríocht na Slóivéine, Ireland.
    Published in Comhar, Ireland and Verba Hispanica, Spanish.
    You can read it in German translation.
    Made into film A Very Simple Story.

Slovenian reviews:

Bukla magazine: (June 2007)

YES! "excellent book"   read more

In magazin: (July 2007)

YES! "strong visual stories, irrational humor and perfection of storytelling"   

Naša žena: (August 2007)

YES! "splendid psychological portraits"

Miha Mazzini

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