Five Easy Steps to Totalitarianism

The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was able to bestow limitless powers upon himself despite minimal enthusiasm of voters at home (51.5% voted for him) because he was helped by Turks living in Germany (with 63%, in some towns even as many as 76% voting for him). It seems those living in a democracy do … [>>>>>>>]

Beach or Pills?

A few summers ago I was driving through the outskirts of Trieste and was tempted by the sea. I stopped the car and went for a swim. As I was drying myself off under some pine trees a number of Italian families began arriving. Their descent appeared more complicated than the disembarkation in Normandy; they … [>>>>>>>]

Safety, Italian style?

This is an ad for the largest Slovenian insurance company: They want to say that with them you’re double safe. I’m interested in the creative process: There is an insurance company and there is an advertising company who gets a briefing what has to be done. And the decision maker in the advertising company (male, … [>>>>>>>]