How Do You Know Whether You Are Raising Your Children Successfully?

As parents we often wonder whether our children’s upbringing is going in the right direction. In such moments we can envy sportsmen and sportswomen – by checking the times achieved you are able to see how successful a competitor you have created through training. You might say parenting lacks such support and means of verification. … [>>>>>>>]

Five Easy Steps to Totalitarianism

The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was able to bestow limitless powers upon himself despite minimal enthusiasm of voters at home (51.5% voted for him) because he was helped by Turks living in Germany (with 63%, in some towns even as many as 76% voting for him). It seems those living in a democracy do … [>>>>>>>]

Beach or Pills?

A few summers ago I was driving through the outskirts of Trieste and was tempted by the sea. I stopped the car and went for a swim. As I was drying myself off under some pine trees a number of Italian families began arriving. Their descent appeared more complicated than the disembarkation in Normandy; they … [>>>>>>>]