What’s the clock?

There are works of literature that I will never understand but I occasionally do love to read them. A page or two from Finnegan’s Wake by James Joyce or some gadget instructions from unknown Chinese author.

Why the cake didn’t bark?

Sometimes, there are good news in the newspapers. This one is about the good police work in the times of terrorism and common negativism: Imagine one of the elite detectives of the serious crime division opening the fridge – and the cream cakes are gone! “Who stole my cakes?” he asks. His colleagues are viewing … [>>>>>>>]

Ultimate Geek Test

They said the film Interstellar wasn’t for me, I’m not geek enough. They were right. How did they know? Obviously, there must be a rule even if they weren’t able to put in into words. I asked local geeks to recommend me a book they like and I soon noticed that they have something in … [>>>>>>>]