Safety, Italian style?

This is an ad for the largest Slovenian insurance company:

Guy with two mothers

They want to say that with them you’re double safe.

I’m interested in the creative process:

There is an insurance company and there is an advertising company who gets a briefing what has to be done.

And the decision maker in the advertising company (male, I suppose), has an association: ah, safety! Mother!

Double safety = two mothers.

They have to present their suggestion to heads of the insurance company (males, I presume) and they say: great idea!

(OK, they will say that one is mother and the other wife; but take a look at the casting and the body talk)

Now, for the interesting part: our creative process is mostly done in the subconscious. Formula “mother = safety” is valid just in some parts of the world. In Italy, this ad would be successful. Spain, maybe. But in USA? Probably a woman with two male bodyguards. Or not?



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  1. Anej

    Actually, since you’ve done a great deal on sons that never leave mother’s skirt, this is a great metaphor of too many Slovenian families – a wife, a mother-in-law and the son.

  2. Barbara

    I see it the other way around- if you don’t start saving for your future now, you’ll eventually get stuck with your parent and vice versa.
    And the only happy character in this story is the mother.

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