Toilet Sex Capital of the World

I started the day with news from small communities trying to solve their burning issues. First article was about Ms Hilary Cottam and two examples of her solutions: in Zambia, women were afraid to go for the water “out of the way, somewhere scary and dark”. They installed the standpipe in the centre of the village for about 140 USD (127€). The second was a school in London where children were afraid to go to their lockers in a badly lit corner. “Cottam altered the design, bringing the lockers into the daylight: bullying went down and, thanks to that and a series of other such moves, academic attainment went up.” (source)

The second article was about “Seaside town’s high-tech anti-sex toilets will spray users with water”. For mere 140 000 GBP (153 520€) Porthcawl, south Wales, UK, will “install weight sensors and sound alarms to stop anti-social use” (source), meaning couples having sex. (I always thought sex is a very social activity?)

The good people of  Porthcawl are now facing all kind of problems. If there is a sensor counting people and two of them enter, what if it is a father taking young son to the toilet? If they decide upon weight sensor as main criteria, what happens to the single fat people?  They are thinking about violent movement sensors too – they would “automatically open the doors and sound high-pitched alarms, with fine water jets soaking the interior”. What about somebody vomiting? Or saying goodbye to very hot chillies from the last dinner while suffering from haemorrhoids?

I don’t know how much sex they are having in the toilets of Porthcawl but according to the money spent to curb it, they must be a toilet sex capital of the world.  I am so sorry I’ve never heard about the place before – all those years I’ve wasted! Ah, ignorance can be so cruel!

I haven’t even heard people saying:

  1. I lost my virginity in the toilet of Porthcawl
  2. You are leaving me? Don’t worry, I’ve already booked a toilet in Porthcawl.
  3. we will forever have a toilet in Porthcawl
  4. etc

Let’s stop joking for a minute and say it frankly: this is a horrendous waste of public money. If you can bring the water to a village for 140 USD and knowledge to the kids for a price of a lightbulb, paying for the anti-sex toilet is a glaring example of true meaning of the word Brexit: creating an unexisting problem and spend years, careers and truckloads of money to solve it.

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