Ultimate Geek Test

They said the film Interstellar wasn’t for me, I’m not geek enough. They were right. How did they know? Obviously, there must be a rule even if they weren’t able to put in into words.

I asked local geeks to recommend me a book they like and I soon noticed that they have something in common.

Let’s look at this fictitious excerpt:

“They arrived by car. It was a limousine with 7.3 liter diesel V8 and 6-speed manual transmission.”

The first sentence gives us two starting points for our curiosity:

  1. Persons
  2. Car

They author has decided the car is more interesting than the people.

The other possibility would be:

“They arrived by car. He could barely drive and she was asleep.”

The geek is the person whose focus, when choosing between the human and the machine, goes for the latter.


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