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  1. Juraj Slesar, Martinus

    Dear Miha,

    thank you very much for your feedback. At first let me assure you that the primary goal of all the changes in our bookstore is not cost reduction but an effort to offer better service than ever before.
    And let’s address your issues step by step as they are mentioned in the article 🙂

    The reason why we had to lock them is simple. We were not able to keep them clean when all the homeless people and drunk tourists were using them as their public toilet. You know as a regular visitor that they are rather small (and won’t get any bigger) so it needs only one messy visit to put them out for a long time.

    On the other side we did it as simple as possible. All you need to do is take a key that hangs at the counter just a few steps from the toilets and use it. You don’t need to ask anybody; nobody is going to control you if you are a paying customer or not. It’s really only about taking the key. And it helped with the cleanliness tremendously.

    Yes, we removed the couch from that section but as you have noticed (for sure) there are still plenty of place where you can sit with the book and have a look at it.

    And now the biggest issue – the app. It’s true that we are testing it widely on the first floor and of course, we are aware that it is not perfect now. As an UX expert you probably know why – nobody is going to make a perfect app and only then test it to find out it was just a waste of money. We consider it to be beta and that’s the reason why we are testing in only on one floor of one Foxford and nowhere else.

    If you don’t like it, you can still have a cuppa at the ground floor with the service that you are used to. What we need to mention and apologize for is the reaction of our colleague who refused to take your order. That was not right and not according to instructions they have. Yes, we are trying to motivate people to use the app as much as possible (because we want to make it better) but if you don’t like it (and of course, disabled, elderly people and other cases as well) we will take your order just like if there was no app.

    Sure, we can have a discussion if a café like ours is supposed to have a human service at any cost or not, but only time will tell. Right now we need to address issues like not enough qualified personnel, laws that make it nearly impossible to employ people and give them proper pay because of high taxes, etc.

    But we would be really happy if you gave us time to improve and visited us again. We want to prove you that we can still be your favourite bookstore in Bratislava. 🙂 And if you had any issue with us, please, fell free to contact us via social media, email or by person. Have a great day!

    Juraj Slesar, Martinus

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