Milić Ljubomir and Paloma:

Part of the page about Yu-Mex (Mexican music in fifties Yugoslavia) singers and bands, collected while doing research for the novel Paloma Negra and documentary Yugoslav Mexico, both by Miha Mazzini.

Paloma Negra, novel about Yu-Mex music

Paloma negra, novel Open Books, 2014
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Milić Ljubomir and Paloma - Divorce

My wife is talking all the time
how I just drift around
and don't care about her
that I come home at the dawn

What can I do
when beautiful women are after me all the time
and at least one
is pulling me by the shoulder

Every morning when I return home
my wife bables to the evening
Oh, enough!
I'll apply for divorce!

Milić Ljubomir and Paloma - Divorce


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